Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Breaking out a sweat

Yes, that was me today and not just once but multiple times. I was THAT lady today that you look at and wonder, "What the heck is she thinking having a newborn and toddler out in public." Everywhere we went today I either had a 2-year old acting out or a newborn screaming.. and if I was real lucky, I had both at the same time. It was quite the day.

We started out by going to my OB appointment. I know, what was I thinking, right? But, I just don't really have a lot of options for sitters during a weekday and I'm just the type of mom who goes with it and hopes for the best. It wasn't the worst it could have been. My 2-year old did pretty well, but my newborn screamed through the entire office. He did not want anything to do with his carrier. I nursed him and nothing worked.. as soon as I put him in it, he was ticked. Pretty much everywhere we went today, he screamed until I took him out of the carrier and once he was out of the carrier, then my 2-year old would make sure to find some mischief to get into. Let's just say it wasn't warm outside and I was sweating through my shirt trying to get home, but we made it and now I can laugh about it and pray it doesn't happen again next time we're out!

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